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The look of the standard Batsuit, as well as the armored Batsuit, is heavily influenced by the outfits worn by Batman in the graphic novel The Dark Knight Returns. The standard Batsuit marks the first time Batman uses the iconic grey-and-black costume design from the comic books in a live-action film since 1949.

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The 'Batman v Superman' costumes - including the armored Batsuit - and Batman's gadgets are on display at SDCC 2015, and we have images. Two years after Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice was announced at Comic-Con 2013, the Dark Knight and Man of Steel are set for a return to Hall H. Last year, fans were treated to a sneak peek at comic book ...

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The Final Batsuit, Batman's newest armor given to him by the World Forger has the ability to beat Superman easily in a straight up fight (this suit was created by Element X, which gives Batman the ability to rewrite an entire Multiverse with everyone in it however he wants.

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Much like Batman V Superman (in which Bruce Wayne wore a heavily armored Batsuit in certain scenes), Justice League showed fans two versions of the Batsuit: one basic version and one radically different iteration. Going forward, it will be interesting to see what Wilkinson comes up with to keep Batman's wardrobe feeling fresh and modern.

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Batsuit (Batman v Superman) View source History Talk (0) Batsuit General Information. Official name. Batsuit. Appearances. Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice Suicide Squad Justice League. Designed by. Jose Fernandez. Type. Body Armor. Used by. Bruce Wayne (Ben Affleck) Richard Cetrone (stunt double)