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Many Irish funeral songs can sound like the opposite of a poetic, mournful tune. Instead, the melody can be often wrapped in the lyrics of a love song. With few exceptions, most Irish funeral songs may sound romantic. But even so, we have provided a list of the most traditional picks for a bagpipe song at a funeral below.

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The song choice may seem important now, but what truly matters is the reason why everyone has gathered. The sheer volume and impact of this musical tribute is enough to command the attention of all mourners present. Check out these songs and other in our Bagpipe Funeral Music playist on Youtube:

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With music played by the Boise Highlanders and the Wicked Tinkers to spark my interest in bagpipes, learning about the piping school was a big opportunity for me that I'm glad I jumped on. I first started learning how to play the bagpipes through the Boise Highlanders' piping school at the age of 9 in 2008 and I've been playing ever since.

Why Are Bagpipes Played at Police and Firefighter Funerals?

By. Megan Romer. Updated January 20, 2019. In the United States, bagpipes are often played at the funerals of police officers, firefighters, soldiers, and other state workers. The instrument has a particularly mournful sound that makes it perfect for "Amazing Grace" and other hymns—but that's not the only reason it's used.

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The song was composed as a tribute to Major-General Hector MacDonald who was an honoured and distinguished military man. MacDonald was a colleague of Skinner's and felt it important to mark his untimely death with this song. A huge wealth of bagpipe music exists across a vast array of genres.

Why do police play bagpipes at funerals? –

Why do police play bagpipes at funerals? The most famous song played at fire and police funerals is Amazing Grace. It wasn't too long before families and friends of non-Irish firefighters began asking for the bagpipes to be played for fallen heroes. The bagpipes add a special air and dignity to this solemn occasion. How […]

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In the early 1800's, the jobs included police officers and fire fighters. Work-related deaths were common, and when the deaths occurred, the Irish community would hold a traditional funeral which included the mournful bagpipes. Funeral Bagpipe Music With Meaning.

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The hauntingly beautiful music of the pipe is especially suited to songs of mourning whether played by a single piper, ensemble, or by a bagpipe band. Bagpipes are often thought of as a Scottish instrument but in fact all Celtic people have played bagpipes at funerals, wakes, weddings, and dances for centuries.

Boston Police Gaelic Column of Pipes and Drums

Boston Police Gaelic Column of Pipes and Drums, the Boston Police Department's bagpipe band. ... It is with your financial contribution that we remain strongly poised to continue to bring our community traditional bagpipe music for year to come. As you will see from these Ads, there was a great and broad range of organizations, companies and ...

Hudson Valley Regional Police Pipes and Drums

To teach the playing of highland bagpipes and drums. To preserve and promote Irish traditions in music and events. To support the continuing good relationship between police and fire departments of the Hudson Valley area and the communities they serve. To honor and support those who have dedicated their lives and careers to "Protect and Serve".


i have been a bagpiper since 2001. i played with the pipes & drums of the chicago police department for 10 years and the bagpipes & drums of the emerald society-chicago police dept. for 5 year. i recently decided to bagpipe on my own. i do have other bagpipers and drummers if i am not available or if additional bagpipers or drummers are requested.

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USD $233.95±. BAGPIPES - SCOTTISH TRADITIONAL MUSIC - (by Annie McGee) Year: 2010. The haunting melody of an ancient scottish melody 'The Rowan tree' played on highland bagpipes gives a feel of Scotland going back hundreds of years - formal nostalgic Scotland, Instrumental, Folk, Traditional Folk. Type.