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How to Make a Roman Helmet | eHow

Roman soldiers are known for their iconic armor. Each man could march up to 20 miles a day wearing his iron and leather breastplate, shield and helmet, along with his gear. Make your own Roman soldier helmet, or galea, out of paper mache. Whether for play or a school project, you can create your own version with simple materials.

How to Make a Military Helmet | eHow

Military helmets generally cover the top, sides, and back of the head and are either painted or covered to match the uniform. To make a helmet, you basically have three options: You can purchase a helmet from a military surplus store or …

How to Make a Kid's Paper Roman Soldier Helmet | eHow

For example, if your child will be wearing a costume of a Roman soldier, you can make a Roman soldier's helmet using paper mache. Advertisement Step 1 Blow up a large, round balloon, and knot the end tightly. Tape a large ostrich plume onto the top of the balloon using masking tape.

DIY Roman soldier helmet - Pinterest

Roman soldier helmet made out of a spray painted: baseball cap (flipped backwards), cardboard (for the ear flaps and visor), feather boa, styrofoam plate edges (attached to the top part of the baseball cap - you can try paper plates and glue; I used duct tape), embossed vinyl fabric glued to the cardboard visor and ear flaps, and gold fringe.

DIY Roman soldier helmet – LARRYCRAFTS

Helmet with side hinges. Step 6: cut pieces to fill up the rear of the helmet which protects the rear of the head and the neck. Make a little curve so that the helmet can rest well on the neck. Step 7: make the head piece that will rest …

How to Make a WWII Helmet | eHow

Many helmets had camouflage coverings to help conceal soldiers from enemy observation. WWII helmets are fairly easy to obtain from the Internet, costume and antique shops. It is also possible to make your own from simple items. Making your own helmet will take a few days, so allocate enough time for the paper mache to dry.

How to Make a Cardboard Costume Helmet : 7 Steps (with ...

The first step is to make the form for the helmet base. This is used to help establish the basic helmet shape and is later removed from the helmet. The form is made from templates pages 4, 8, 11 and 12. The patterns on page 4 and 8 are glued together by cutting a slot in each piece on the center line and then fitting them together.

How to make a World War 1 helmet

Making a World War 1 soldier hat. After reading Midnight*, we took a minute to read more about the actual people and events that inspired this book. Then we looked at the uniforms they wore, and how everyone wore helmets. Finally, I had the kids all grab a doll they wanted to make a World War 1 soldier helmet for.